Charlottesville Then & Now (2 copies)

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Charlottesville, Virginia is a growing, ever-changing town that is steeped in history, but at times has struggled with preserving it. Some things change dramatically, while others stay the same for many years. This book takes you on a tour through time to see how the city and the University of Virginia have evolved (or in some cases haven’t) over the past hundred years or so.

Charlottesville Then & Now is a collection of photographs pairing vintage images of Charlottesville with current era photographs taken of the same location. The older images come from a variety of sources including legendary photographer Ed Roseberry, selections from the Holsinger Collection at UVA, and other Charlottesville photographers researched by C’ville Images. The “Now” photos were taken by photographer and photo researcher, Steve Trumbull, over the last several years. Together, the pairs of photos present a remarkable document of the evolution of the City of Charlottesville.

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11 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall, Softcover, 158 pages