Roseberry Archive Photographic Prints

This is a selection of just a few of Ed Roseberry’s photographs that are available as prints to purchase. C’ville Images has scanned thousands of Ed’s photographs for use in publications, web projects, exhibits, and slideshow programs, but these few have been among his most popular. Additionally, any of Mr. Roseberry's photographs included in our books or in exhibits made be custom-ordered. Browse both "FLASH" and "Charlottesville Then & Now" as well as our website to find photographs you like and contact Steve Trumbull at: to order.

C’ville Images is restoring the photos made from from scans of the original negatives from Roseberry’s extensive photographic archives so that we can create the finest prints of his work available anywhere.  Watermarks only on online samples. Prints are now offered with borders and have a matte finish.  

Proceeds of the sales of these prints go directly to Ed Roseberry and also to C’ville Images to help support our work digitizing and collecting vintage C’ville photographs.